torsdag 30. april 2009

LC-trial 9.-10. May, Bråviken in Sweden

I entered Chivas to this LC-trial, and got the papers on e-mail today. He's to run on Sunday, and there are 29+21 salukis entered! First start at 08.00. I'm draging my sister with me, and we'll probably have all the dogs as well. Since she's finished work at 18.00 on Saturday, it'll be nightdriving. I'll find us somewhere to sleep from Sunday to Monday though, and then well drive back to Oslo. Mum is comming down to Oslo on Monday at 13.30, but it'll be easy to get there in time. Then it's probably off to IKEA!

Halfway through the worst part of lambingseason

It's not been so much work as I'd feared, but still enough to keep all 3 of us quite busy every day! I'm on duty this weekend too, and I'll have my own personal assistant! Chanett Orre will come and stay with me for the weekend, to experience what a vet do - other than on the small-animal clinic. The only "problem" is that I have to go and pick her up at the busstop at about 04 tonight, and I'm not good at being tired and getting up in the middle of the night, haha

I've had a few easy lambings (those are always very nice) and a lambing that went really bad. Lamb comming with the hindfeet first - or not even that, just the hindhooks, so the cervix ("livmorhals") was only partially (and badly) opened. I managed to block her up quite well, and also to correct the hindfeet so that the "toes" came first - and got the lamb halfway out. Then it was stuck. When I went in to feel what's wrong, the frontfeet were pointing behind, and were following parallell to the chest - so it was too large with both chest and feet - and the lamb was stuck. As the sheep contracted, I could feel the hoofs (?!) making a tear in the uteurs wall.. That means the deathsentence for the sheep, nothing to do about that. Poor sheep, poor lambs and poor farmer... But as they said, we get to try to fix the worst cases, and they are happy if we can, but they also know that it's not always possible to save them all.

Apart from lambings, there's quite a lot of mastitis ("jurbetennelse") and sick lambs. Today, it was pretty warm and pretty sunny (a bit cloudy), and it's so nice to see the sheep and lambs outside on the grass in the nice weather! Lambs jumping around, trying to get the hang of those long legs! I guess I'll have to start bringing my camera in the car ;)

I'd better get back to cleaning the house - I suddenly realized how dirty it gets when you're busy busy at work, and don't have time to keep up with the vacuuming and cleaning! Not that I'm a cleaningfreak, but it has to be done once in a while! And having visitors suddenly pulls off my "dirtglasses" and I see how it really looks, haha. Dishes first, then vacuuming and at last washing the floors. That'll do.

mandag 27. april 2009

My first C-section!

I was on call yesterday, and had to drive out on a difficult lambing at the far corner of the district - up in the mountains on some narrow zig-zag road. It was a young sheep, her first lambing, and her pelvis was too narrow for the lamb. That gives 2 choices - euthanizing or c-section. The farmer went for the c-section, so I just had to get my stuff and start. The mobilephone reseption was very poor up there, but I managed to get a "peptalk" with Ingjerd (our veterinary "telephoneguru", who's on maternal leave). This was my first c-section after finishing vetschool, and it was pretty scary! It took somewhere between 3 and 4 hours (next one will be quicker, practice makes perfect ;) ), and 2 lambs were delivered - one dead and one alive. Success! It sure feels good, mastering an operation like this for the first time - all alone! I was home at almost 03.30, dead tired (I fell asleep in the car (after stopping at home) while writing in my "driving-journal"! When I was almost home, Eivind called (he took my dutycalls while I was out of reception) - there's a lambing with 2 lambs trying to come out at once... Lucky me didn't have to take that visit, as he offered to do it for me (ok, I owe you for that) - and I could go to bed and sleeeeeep!

I'd forgotten to close the babygate at the top of the stairs, so Chivas took a trip downstairs, opening the livingroom door - so that the girls (who sleeps downstairs) were free to come upstairs. I woke up with 3 IGs and 1 saluki in my very narrow 1-person-bed, without ever noticing that they'd gotten there in the first place. It clearly reminden me WHY it's so important to close that gate (Chivas opens doors as he pleases) - it's very uncomfortable to sleep in a crowded bed! When I sleep, I always give in when the dogs move, and end up in weird, uncomfortable sleepingpositions (arms up, half the body twisted to the side, a foot halfway outside the bed; or on my side, balancing on the edge of the matress/bed)

fredag 24. april 2009

This is a very dangerous site for me to go to... Last time I went there, I ended up ordering 2 books, which I've now recieved - so now it's time for a new look, haha

The books I ordered were:
  • Saluki in History, Arts and Sport by Hope and David Waters (used but nice contidion). I'm really looking forward to reading it!
  • Saluki: The Desert Hound and the English Travelers who brought it to toe West. A newly published book about the recent history of the breed
Wonder what I'll find today... Maybe something Italian this time? (OK, I'm hooked, but I really can't help it!)

Quiznight at Laksen

Apparently, it's quiznight at the local restaurant/bar called "Laksen" (the Salmon, there's a famous river for salmonfishing going through Lærdal). We'll enter a 4-person team of 3 vets and a boyfriend - unless there's some sheep in need (it probably will be, but we'll try to make it)!

Today's been my day off before duty the rest of the weekend. I took the dogs for a nice, 2 hour long walk, about 10 minutes drive from here. It's an old road going down the steep, narrow and winding vally between Lærdal and Borgund - and it's a great place to walk. The downside (literally) is that it's a steep fall on one side untill we meet the "main road" again, so only Saoudie and Easy can be off leash (Chivas is leashed - period, and Esso and the puppy is too playful) - they are calm and listens when I call. No danger, and none of the dogs are suicidal, but I don't trust Esso NOT to come runnnig and accidentally push someone. We had a really nice walk, and on the way back we hiked the old "postal road" which is more of a trail in the woods (hilly woods, lots of exercise!), and I think I'll take that road more often, I loved walking there - and no danger of letting Esso and the puppy run free either! Next time, I'll bring the camera too :)

Looks like quiznight is cancelled - the team is lacking 3 of 4 members due to sheep in need! So now, I'm having an appointment with Dr. House for an hour or two ;)

torsdag 23. april 2009

Quiet day at work

It's in the middle of lambingseason, and usually pretty hectic at work. We're 3 vets working together - 1 doing the clinic, and 2 driving out on the farms. We've split the area in 2, 1 vet responding to calls from each area - to make a quicker response. One area is Lærdal, the other area is Aurland - to get there you have to drive through a 25km long tunnel (booooring). I'm on Aurlandsduty today, and so far, I've not had ONE SINGLE PHONECALL!
Luckily, the weather's been fantastic, sun from a cloudless sky and 17 degreees C. I've had my backdoor open all day, and I've spent several hours outside in the sun. I've even been a good girl and read about parasites! Now it's time for dinner - fishcakes (Lofoten Fishcakes that is, not some cheap flourtasting crap) with homemade mashed potatoes, carrots and onions!Always trying to get that one perfect headshot... I guess practice makes perfect?!? At least it will eventually!

onsdag 22. april 2009

Esso son went BOS with CAC

At NKK Int Harstad last weekend, Esso's son Cheerinova Alladin went BOS with his first CAC! There were 4+4 IGs entered for Göran Bodegård, Sweden. This is Esso's first offspring to win a CAC, so I'm very proud of both boys!

Switching to English

If I am to use this blog as a substitute for the webpage for a while, I'd better switch to a more international language. I have quite a few foreign visitors to my homepage, and it would be a shame if they didn't understand anything!

I'm working on a little presentation of each of my dogs, it's just taking some time (too much to do, too little time). At the moment, I'm very busy making a database over all Norwegian registered IGs - take a look at

At the moment, it's very hectic at work. It's the middle of lambingseason, so more than enough to do for all 3 of us!

onsdag 15. april 2009

Biscotti Esclusivo - "Esso"

Nord Ch NV-08 Biscotti Esclusivo

Summer-08, photo: Margrét I. Veigarsdóttir

Esso is my heartdog. I've had him since he was born, and at 3-4 weeks he chose that he was the one to stay with me :) He's full of personality, he does leave an impression on everyone he meets. He's born June 4th, 2006 - father: Int Nord It Ch NV-06 Movado Ric Rosso - mother: Talata Gloriah.
Esso 5 months old on his first puppyshow - going BIG-2!

If he'd had his way, he'd be following me around where ever I go. He loves to sleep on my lap and in my bed - and at the moment, he's the only one of the dogs sharing my bed.

Esso tried Lure Coursing, but he's got a bit of a focus problem!

We've had a lot of success together at shows. He's become quite the little showman lately, and he really enjoys being in the ring. He earned several CAC in junior- and intermediateclass, and won his Norwegian and Swedish Championship on his first try, only 6 days after his 2nd birthday in June 08! In November 08, I went to Denmark together with Evy, and Esso returned home as a Danish and Nordic Champion! To top it all of, he went BOS and Norwegian Winner-08 at NKK Int Hamar later in November, and ended up as Most Winning IG Male in Norway 2008! I'm so proud of my special boy :)

Esso on the move, June-08

Esso has sired 4 litters, with 11 offspring:
  • 17.10.2007 (1+1) at kennel Dervisch in Sweden - dam: S N Ch Iso-Brina's Ramina Cona del Matra - Dervisch Biscottino (m) and Dervisch Biscottina (f)
  • 29.11.2007 (2+2) at kennel Cheerinova in Norway - dam: Keylee Afrodite - Cheerinova Alladin (m), Cheerinova Amigo (m), Cheerinova Anastacia (f) and Cheerinova Angel (f)
  • 12.04.2008 (2+1) at kennel Topaasin in Finland - dam: Topaasin Blues for You - Topaasin Dajm (m), Topaasin Dubbel Nougat (m) and Topaasin Dahlia (f)
  • 02.10.2008 (0+2) at my house - dam: N Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses - Avendesora (f) and Aviendha (f)
Esso going BIG-3 at NKK Int Oslo, August-08

tirsdag 14. april 2009

Arab Bahari's Baytor Abdullah

Chivas, min franske sletthårssaluki, som kom til meg i juni 2007, 1 år gammel. Jeg eier han sammen med Evy Fredhjem, kennel Biscotti. Han er født 29. mai 2006.

Chivas BIS-Junior, salukispesialen 2007

Han fant seg fort til rette i flokken, selv om han ikke var vant til små, spinnville og oppmerksomhetskrevende italienere ;)

Chivas, SKK int Växjö, november 2007

Han ble stilt ut noen få ganger som junior og unghund, uten stort hell. Det var nok en kombinasjon av dårlig handling (det blir bedre, men jeg har enda langt igjen) og en tenåringsgutt som trengte mer tid.
Chivas vet å gjøre livet behagelig - han elsker å ligge på rygg i sofaen, med beina oppetter sofaryggen. Da er livet godt! Hundesenger er ikke lengre så mye i bruk, nå når vi har stor hjørnesofa ;)
foto: Jan-Erik Sandbæk

Er det noe Chivas virkelig kan, så er det å løpe! Han startet 3 prøver i 2008, og endte opp som beste hannhund på alle 3! Han sprang seg til 3 cert (2 norske og 1 svensk) og 2 cacil (i Norge og Sverige). Vi gleder oss til årets sesong, og håper på championater!

Chivas på Salukispesialen, august 2008, foto Evy Fredhjem

Etter å ha vokst seg litt til, har Chivas gjort det bra på utstilling i 2009. Han ble BIR med cert for Gunnar Nymann på utstillingen til Ølen Etne og Vindafjord hundeklubb i februar, og 1. mars ble han BIM for Petr Rehanek på Nord-Hordaland Hundeklubbs utstilling i Manger. Så plutselig står han for championat!
Chivas 2 år og 10 måneder, mars-09, foto Evy Fredhjem

Første innlegg

Hmm, ser ut til at jeg også har begynt å blogge :) Den enkle årsak er at hjemmesiden ( legges ned 1. mai, og siden jeg enda ikke har funnet meg kennelnavn, så blir det ikke eget domene på en stund. Hjemmesiden trenger dessuten en seriøs ansiktsløfting, og sånt tar tid! I mellomtiden trenger jeg en blogg hvor jeg kan forteller store og små nyheter om meg og hundene mine.