lørdag 29. januar 2011

Curvy Limited Edition - 3 weeks old - January 26th

And now the last photos - 3 weeks old on Wednesday

She's starting to (unsteadily) move around, and she's started to discover her voice <3 <3

fredag 28. januar 2011

Curvy Limited Edition - 2 weeks old - January 19th

Then at 2 weeks old:

No open eyes yet, they came 2 days later; but she'd already learned that the best place for an IG is under cover! I've seen her actively seeking under blankets when mommy's not around, so it's a very strong breed trait to appear at this early age!

Curvy Limited Edition - 1 week old - January 12th

I'm sorry for not posting these photos earlier, so here's a puppy-photo-frenzy :)

First 1 week photos:

torsdag 6. januar 2011

Introducing: Curvy Limited Edition!

Yesterday evening, Easy gave birth to a silvergrey little girl that was 174 grams. She's got a white chestmark and white toes. I'm very happy that I brought Easy with me to work yesterday, as she decided to go into labour at 16.30 - and the girl was born around 17.45. I did an Xray of her on Tuesday, so I knew there would only be one puppy, and I'm very happy she was normal size and that the birth went without any complications. Both Easy and the puppy are doing great, and Easy is an excellent mother!

Parents are: Am Nord Ch Alfheim's All Things Considered and N Ch NV-10 Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses

søndag 2. januar 2011

My pre-Christmas trip to Belgium

As usual, I'm a bit late to update the blog - I'll try to do better this year! No New Year's resolutions though, they tend to don't work out anyway - I just have to be better at doing instead of wating for when I have better time or whatever.

A week before Christmas, I grabbed Ira and jumped on a plane heading for Brüssel. It was time to let Margrét have Ira back; he'd done his "duty" as a stud, he got his NO and Nord Championships - and although it has been very nice to have him for a visit, I'm sure he was happy to return home! It was so good to meet Esso again, and he was indeed very happy to see me too :)

I'd entered Esso for the Brussels Winner Show, and Margrét had her CC and her visiting Bichon Frise entered. There were 27 or 28 IGs entered for Waltraud Peschges, knl vom Sausewind in Germany, but not everyone turned up due to generally snowy and bad weather. Esso got Excellent and was placed 3rd in Championclass. Best male with CAC/IB was won by Ch Yori vom Sausewind, and Best Bitch, CAC/IB and BOB was the lovely Daisy du Domaine de Chanteloup (littersister of Djinn Tonic, daughter of Talata Chanteloup who is 3/4 sister of Esso). I must say I find it strange that it is allowed to enter a dog when the judge is the breeder of the dog - it would not be allowed in Scandinavia!

Margét did very well with Phoenix, her visiting Bichon Frise who's going to Iceland in a while, but who is getting showed while waiting for the time to do the rabiestiter bloodtest. He beat his half-brother in class and went best male with CAC/IB and the Winner title - then went all the way to BOB!

I was supposed to return home Sunday evening, and Margrét gave me a ride to the airport. But my flight was cancelled due to the snow - they usually have 1 or 2 days of snow around Christmas, so 2 weeks of snow was seriously stretching their capacity to keep roads and runways clean of snow. So after standing 2 hours in line (or sitting), we finally got to re-book my ticket for Monday evening, get a taxi voucher and head back to Hamme. Same procedure on Monday - a trip to the Airport (taxi this time) and another cancelled flight. No help with re-booking the ticked, they just handed out a piece of paper with the number to the Danish SAS costumer service - luckily the line was a lot shorter this time! I'd be pissed to stand 2 hours in line for that note, but 10 minutes was ok. I called and got my ticket rebooked for Tuesday, and if I payed for the taxi, I could send in the reciet instead of standing in line again (the line was getting long now) and I'd get my money back from them. I took a taxi back to Margrét and Nick, and I had a feeling it might take some time to get back home to Norway. Sure thing - mixed messages on Tuesday - Teletext and Airport homepages said the plane was not cancelled, but it was marked as cancelled at the SAS homepage. Nothing else to do than call SAS Costumer service in Denmark again. The flight was cancelled - again, and I got my ticket rebooked - again, hoping Wednesday would be the day.

Wednesday WAS the day! No cancellation on SAS homepages, so I got to take another one-hour taxi drive to the airport, this time talking African politics with a political refugee from Rwanda. A big difference from my first taxidriver who hardly said a word, and my second one who offered me to stay at his apartment while waiting for a plane to leave for Norway, and who had to stop the taxi to have a look at Esso, so that he'd know how a beauty champion looked like ;)

I finally got home on the 22nd of December. I'd started to get pretty nervous that I'd not get home for Christmas! My mother arrived Friday just before I left for Belgium, and I just got to say "Hello" at the airport in Oslo before checking in. My brother even got to Oslo before me on Wednesday! At least I was not home to participate in most of the pre-Christmas cleaning and general preparation ;)

I'll make a "2010-summary" soon, and I'm working on the Norwegian IG TOP-10 list for 2010.

NB! Forgot to mention (haha, Margrét) that on Wednesday morning - early morning - Bling desided that now was the time to deliver her puppies! And of course they had to be delivered in the masterbed of the house, nothing else was good enough. Bling took her time, and both Margrét and I fell asleep several times during the birth. When the first puppy was born and weighed, we understood why she took her time - the puppies were huge! 249, 257 and 219 grams each, 2 boys (seal and blue) and one red girl. The parents are Caeles Let's Get Ready to Rumble and Ch Topaasin Bling Bling. More info can be found on Margrét's homepage: http://www.caeles.net