torsdag 9. desember 2010

Nordic and Amsterdam Winner Shows - November 28th

A bit late, but we had a nice Curvy weekend at the end of November!

Nordic Winner Show 2010, Norway
We had 3 IGs and 1 saluki entered. Easy was also entered, but since she'd been mated about 3 weeks earlier, I didn't want to risk anything.

No winner titles for us, but all 3 IGs were placed in Best Male/Best Bitch competition. Here's the full results:

BM-1, CAC, CACIB, NordW-10, BOS - Eugenios Amenhotep
BM-2, R-CACIB - Ch Alfheim's All Things Considered

BB-1, CAC, CACIB, NordW-10, BOB - Ch Py's Lyrica - New NO Ch!
BB-2, R-CACIB - Ch Biscotti Mademoiselle
BB-3 - Ch Dervisch Haze of Smoke
BB-4 - Ch Aviendha

Chivas - NO Ch Arab Bahari's Baytor Abdullah - got excellent and a great critic, but no placement in championclass for Saija Juutilainen, Finland. There were more than 50 salukis entered, so we're happy to get an excellent.

Amsterdam Winner Show 2010:

This was Esso's last show in the Netherlands, so he needed to do well to gain his last CAC towards his Dutch Championship. Judge was breed specialist Terry Nethercott, UK. He'd judged Esso as a youngster, and gave him excellent but no more. My hopes were not the highest, and I knew some of the most-winning IGs in the Netherlands were coming, but one has to try, right?

Esso won championclass and beat the winner of Junior class for Best Male! That gave him CACIB, the title Amsterdam Winner 2010, and a double CAC to complete his Dutch championship!!! Then Margrét wins Best Bitch with er junior Caeles It's Showtime (Ira daughter), for JCAC, double CAC and two titles: Amsterdam Junior Winner 2010 and Amsterdam Winner 2010! Margrét got help from her friend Asta to show Esso to BOB over Penny - thanks both of you! Nothing in group, but we got to show "them" a different type of IG than what usually wins in the area :)

Esso is now officially called:
Int Nord NO SE DK NL Ch NW-08-09 AmsterdamW-10 Biscotti Esclusivo

søndag 31. oktober 2010

New champion!

At the Norwegian Dalmation Club Show (national show), Vita went BB-2 with CAC! She turned 2 years on October 2nd, and only needed a "small" CAC to complete her Norwegian championship!

She's my first home-bred champion, from my first (and so far only) litter, and I'm extremely happy and proud! She's also Esso's 3rd champion offspring (from 3 different litters), so this is indeed a big day for us at kennel Curvy.

Full results:
BOB: N Ch Eugenios Posh Spice
BB-2, CAC, Champion: Aviendha
BB-3: Zaira Feritte Bugsy
BB-4: Nord Ch Talata Yvett

Vita - Aviendha - 1AK 1AKK CK CERT BT-2 - NO Ch!
Nice eyes, good angulation in back legs. Nice head, uses ears well. Good expression. Nice black pigment. Nice bite, nice coat. Moved & showed well.

Easy - NO Ch NV-10 Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses - 1CHK 4CHKK CK
Good body, nice head. Good angulation in back legs, nice dark eye. Moved & showed well.

Chivas - NO Ch Arab Bahari's Baytor Abdullah - 1CHK 4CHKK BH-3
Nice dog. Nice head, good expression. Good topline, well muscled back legs. Moved & showed well. Nice neck, good ears.

søndag 10. oktober 2010

NKK Int Hamar, October 9th 2010

Off we went to Hamar - thought we had enough time, but because of several detours due to roadwork, we barely made it in time for Chivas to enter the ring! No time to warm up, so not the best performance of his life. He ended up 4th in champion class without CK. But I dreaded a 2.prize, so I guess I'm ok with the placement.

Chivas - NO Ch Arab Bahari's Baytor Abdullah - 1CHK 4CHKK
Masculine male, good head & expression, good body and bones. Could have a firmer front, lowered (?) in topline. Enough angulations behind. Could have more power and spring in his movement. A bit short tail.

In IGs, I was hoping for the last CAC for Vita - she turned 2 years old on October 2nd, so this was her first chance on her championship. Also, I'm always hoping for a CACIB for Easy, and it would have been nice with another CACIB for Ira as well. But that was not going to happen today. BOB was Nord Ch Talata Yvet, BOS and new NO Ch was FI Ch Dervisch Papavero, coming all the way from Finland.

Ira - Am Nord Ch Alfheim's All Things Considered - 1CHK 3CHKK
Masculine head, well placed & well carried ears. Could have more underjaw. Nicely angulated in front, harmonic top/underline. Could have more angulated knees. Almost too much white on chest. Parallell up and down. Could have longer stride and more drive from the side.

Easy - NO Ch NV-10 Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses - 1CHK 2CHKK CK BB-3
Excellent type, feminine and well balanced head. Elegant neck, excellent coat. Harmonic top/underline, parallell up and down. Could have slightly longer stride in front (sideview).

Vita - Aviendha - 1AK 2AKK CK BB-4
Excellent breedtype, feminine head, could be slightly more filled out under eyes, could have stronger underjaw. Well angulated front and back, harmonic top/underline. Parallell down/behind, slightly narrow in front, balanced from the side.

So, better luck next time!

lørdag 18. september 2010

N Ch Cheerinova Alladin

Esso's son Cheerinova Alladin became Norwegian Champion today at Sortland, 3+2 IGs entered. He went BOB, BIG and BIS-4! Huge congratulations to Cecilie and Pål, talk about earning his championship with style!!!

søndag 5. september 2010

Norwegian Sighthound Club Show

Another show today, this time the Norwegian Sighthound Club's Autumnshow. I only had Chivas entered, and he got excellent and CK (champion quality) but was unplaced in Champion Class due to a happy tail. Well, I'd take a happy dog with a happy tail any day over a dog that doesn't want to be in the ring!!!

He got an excellent critic from British judge Diana Allan:
Smooth cream, beautiful and elegant lines. Strong, well muscled neck into correct shoulder assembly. Correct lenght of brisket. Correct bend of stifle. Moved very well, side and front action.

I'll post photos later :)

I also helped show an IG puppy - my friend Mylene has 2 males who's both 8 months old. I helped her with Alvin, her black male, and he was awarded Best Male Puppy. She took him herself in breed, and won BOB. He was later BIS-4 puppy!!!

My sister had Keira (N Ch Biscotti Mademoiselle) and Sasha (N Ch Sasha) entered. I helped her show Sasha in Veteran, and she got Excellent. Keira was Best Bitch and BOS!!! This is her first show as a champion - nice work!

Norwegian Saluki Speciality

Chivas was entered at the Norwegian Saluki Speciality today. This was his first time out as a champion, and I couldn't be there myself to show him, as I had to work... Anyway, Evy did a great job and he got excellent with CK, but were unplaced in Champion class. He also got picked out to compete for Best Movement! Later, he participated in the competition for Best Smooth (won by Caravan Zariefa) and Best Movement (won by Heidi and Evy's Iba).

søndag 22. august 2010

Our new houseguest

copyright photo: Elisa Honkala

When I visited Margrét earlier this month, we did a little switch - Esso stayed behind with her and I brought her American import Ira with me back to Norway. His official name is Ch Alfheim's All Things Considered (Ch Kimson's Countryboy of Alfheim x Ch Anthony's Poetic Edda O Alfheim). The goal with this switch is for Margrét to show Esso in Be-Ne-Lux, hopefully winning some CAC and perhaps even finish his Dutch Championship (he has 1 CAC there from last summer). And I'll show Ira here in Norway, the goal to finish his Norwegian and Nordic Championships + whatever CACIBs we can get our hands and paws on!

fredag 30. juli 2010

Plans for the summer

Tomorrow's my last day at work before the holidays. I'll be driving down to Margrét in Belgium together with Elisa (knl Berylline), who I've never met before, so I do hope we get along :)

After a couple of days in Belgium, we'll all 3 head down to south-western France for the 50 year Anniversary of the French IG Club! There'll be about 200 IGs meeting at one place, and over 25 are entered for Lure Coursing. Of course, we're bringing a camera or two ;)

I'll be showing Esso, Easy and Vita in France. Chivas are staying in Norway with Evy while we're on the road, running in the fields with the other salukis :)

mandag 12. juli 2010

Dervisch Midas Touch
(Ch Ylladian Eugenios Gavino x Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses)

A belated posting of these photos of Vestar at the age of 4,5 months. He was born on December 1st 2009, and is now 7 months old.

He looks like he'll be well within the standard, and I'd like to thank Deb Pupo for taking such good care of "Mr Norway"!

lørdag 3. juli 2010

Biscotti Q-litter, 4 weeks old

4 males born June 3rd 2010
father: Int Nord Ch NV-08-09 Biscotti Esclusivo
mother: Biscotti Isadora (3rd placeIG in European LC Championship 2009)

Boy nr 1

Boy nr 2

Boy nr 3

Boy nr 4

mandag 28. juni 2010

World Dog Show 2010 in Denmark

We're back from our trip to the WDS in Denmark. There were 90 IGs entered for Italian judge Claudio de Giuliani. We'd entered Esso in Champion Male, Vita in Intermediate Bitch, Keira in Open Bitch and Sasha in Veteran Bitch.


Junior Class:
1st, Excellent, JWW-10 - Vindhauses Alto (V. Sorento x Ch V. Marisa of Fairy)
2nd, Excellent - Ercule des Princes de Kazan (Caviar Noir dPdK x Bee dPdK)
3rd, Excellent - Skogsville's Eye of the Beholder (Ch S. Shut Out the Ligth x S. Keep on Dancing)
4th, Very Good - Fiefoerniek's Franki Feels Groovy

Intermediate Class:
1st, Excellent - Batter D'ali Sistoquarto (BD'a Ottaviand x BD'a Pizzamargherita)
2nd, Excellent - Dipsy du Domaine de Chanteloup (Ch Tipsy dDdC x Ch Anthinea dDdC)
3rd, Excellent - Hotfarfale of Devils Pigeons (Ch Dynastie Durani's Yehundi Blue x BD'a Riecomi)
4th, Excellent - Soltar's Mio Min Mio (Ch Sobers Galante x Ch Soltar's Beyond Belief)

Excellent - Qvickelyckans Leonardo (Dark Legend's Ulvsbane x Tunamara Vanity Flair)
Excellent - Lux Loral Ilario Innocenzo (Ch Alibaba x Ch LL Dorella Delizia)
Excellent - Ubaldo del Barone Rampante (Holiday of Devils Pigeons x Iknusa del BP)

Open Class:
1st, Excellent - Ch Ascanio dei Raggi di Luna (Ch Sobers Galante x Mimosa del BR)
2nd, Excellent - Lux Loral Hector Herberto (Ch Alibaba x Ch LL Cleopatra Victoria)
3rd, Excellent - Gilberto dei Raggi di Luna (Ch Dynastie Durani's Yehundi Blue x Mimosa del BR)
4th, Excellent - Ch Giaguaro of Devils Pigeons (Ah! Lutin des Pitchoun Diables x Ecomerossa of DP)

Excellent - Ch Dervisch Very Valentino (Ch Italo della Caveja x Ch Talata Caramel Cream Dream)
Excellent - Py's Lemetto (Ch Be Bop dDdC x Ch Py's Electra)
Excellent - Skogsville's Venom (Ch S. Down the Willow Garden x Bella-Nana-of-Skogsville dDdC)
Excellent - Eugenios Amenhotep (Ch Strippoker's Schöne Blaue Donau x Ch Eugenios Mrs Robinson)
Not met - Oscar el Aakash (Ch Insolitoazzuro's Da Vinci x Zenobia el Aakash)
Not met - Ch Flying Spirit's Forever and Ever (Attimo x Japonica's Auradance Fairy)

Working Class:
1st, Excellent - Ch Dervisch Open Sesame (Ch Exess Timon x Ch Iso-Brina's Ramina Cona del Matra)
2nd, Excellent - Ch Dark Legend's Pegasus (Ch Cappuccino ein Goldkind x Py's Shamare)

Champion Class:
1st, Excellent - Ch Giosue dei Raggi di Luna (Vertragus Tintoretto x Mimosa del BR)
2nd, Excellent - Ch Holiday of Devils Pigeons (Balsa des Pitchoun Diables x Ecomerossa of DP)
3rd, Excellent - Ch Zapatero dei Raggi di Luna (Ivaldo Bohemia Skara x Roberta dei RdL)
4th, Excellent - Ch il Cagnolino Genghis Khan (Ch Nubiad' Versace x Ch il Cagnolino Fona)

Excellent - Ch Domaniomai of Devils Pigeons (Batter D'Ali Lausvitae x Anatalia of DP)
Excellent - Ch Biscotti Esclusivo (Ch Movado Ric Rosso x Talata Gloriah)
Excellent - Ch Lux Loral Dorato Diamante (Ch LL Camelot Glorioso x Ch LL Bella Patricia)
Excellent - Ch Soltar's King of My Castle (Ch Dogcastle's Unforgettable x Ch Eugenios Juliet Capulet)


Junior Class:
1st, Excellent, JWW - Charlotte Forum Romanum (Ch Calicanto dDdC x Ch Desert Queen Dior Donna)
2nd, Excellent - Soltar's Ants in the Pants (Ch Giosué dei RdL x Ch Eugenios Juliet Capulet)
3rd, Excellent - Oh My God dei Raggi di Luna (Ch Sobers Galante x Penelope del BR)
4th, Excellent - Vindhauses Alessia (V Sorento x V Marisa of Fairy)

Excellent - She is the One Pustynny Wiatr (Ch Adonis dPdK x Ch Corazon Pustynny Wiatr)
Excellent - Edition Speciale des Princes de Kazan (Borsalino dPdK x Aquarelle dPdK)
Excellent - Skogsville's Eternal Love (Ch S Shut Out the Light x S Keep on Dancing)
Very Good - Al-Shên Billie Jean (Ch Dervisch Trendsetter x Ch Dervisch Blue Song des Ombreuses)
Not Met - Vindhauses Amelia (V Sorento x V Marisa of Fairy)

Intermediate Class:
1st, Excellent - Ursetta del Barone Rampante (Ch Holiday of Devils Pigeons x Iknusa del BP)
2nd, Excellent - Nouva Idea International dei Raggi di Luna (Ch Sobers Galante x Dadaumpa dei RdL)
3rd, Excellent - Honey dei Raggi di Luna (Ch Vertragus Sergio x Roberta dei RdL)
4th, Excellent - Aviendha (Ch Biscotti Esclusivo x Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses)

Excellent - Gratsija Afrodita (Ris x Gratsija Esenia)
Very Good - Sissala Sandy (Ch Valmiki du MdO x Sisse)
Very Good - Gratsija Afina Pallada (Ris x Gratsija Esenia)
Not Met - Sobers Mamma Mia (Angelo Anselmo dMdO x Bel Etual Fabricia Fabula)

Open Class:
1st, Excellent - Constanza dei Raggi di Luna (Ivaldo Bohemia Skara x Dadaumpa dRdL)
2nd, Excellent - Carmen du Domaine de Chanteloup (As de Cour dDdC x Ch Anthinea dDdC)
3rd, Excellent - Py's Indira (Ch Sobers Indigo x Ch Sobers Pelopia)
4th, Excellent - Halle Berry dei Raggi di Luna (Ch Vertragus Sergio x Roberta dRdL)

Excellent - Talata Yvett (Talata Valentino x Talata Ida Cicilie)
Excellent - Fiefoerniek's Femme Formidable (Ch F Frutsel x Fiefoerniek's Florence)
Excellent - Vindhauses Sandra (Ch Cabernet Sauvignon Pustynny Wiatr x Ch V Letizia)
Excellent - Dark Legend's Atlantis (Ch Bel Aghios Minos dDdC xCh DL Iron Lady)
Excellent - Manola dei Raggi di Luna (Ch Zapaptero dRdL x Celeste dRdL)
Excellent - Biscotti Mademoiselle (Ch Strippoker's Schöne Blaue Donau x Ch Sasha)
Excellent - Ch Twan-San-Yen Excel Mio Amico Dorina (Ch Strippoker's Schöne Blaue Donau x Ch TSY Dignity Mirabella)
Excellent - Zhemchuzhinka Dark iz Ozherelia (Ch Chilitefei Barmaley x Shelli)
Excellent - Ch Eugenios Posh Spice (Ch Caeles Magical Mr Mistoffelees x Ch Soltar's Eugenios Boheme)
Excellent - Skogsville's PS I Love You (S Just a Kind of Magic x S Calleth You Cometh I)
Very Good - Py's Lyrica (Ch Be Bop du DdC x Ch Py's Electra)
Very Good - Qvickelyckans Tosca (Ch Skogsville's Fool For Your Lovin x Qvickelyckans Evyos)
Very Good - Ch Twan-San-Yen Dignity Mirabella (Ch Canta Libre the Sundance Kid x Ch Movado A Prioritaire Par Avion)
Not Met - Ch Dervisch Electra des Ombreuses (Ch Volubilis dMdO x Ch Iso-Brina's Ramina Cona del Matra)

Working Class:
1st, Excellent - Ch Dark Legend's Unicorn (Ch Smithis de Kenty'O x Ch DL Binti Siri)
2nd, Excellent - Skogsville's Sweet Little Lovin' (Necku French Toast x Ch Necku Lovesick Blues)

Champion Class:
1st, Excellent - Ch Pazzaidea del Barone Rampante (Soltar's Spiccio Diluna x Gennarina dRdL)
2nd, Excellent - Ch Serenata Rap dei Raggi di Luna (Giosué dRdL x Tirabaci del Barone Rampante)
3rd, Excellent - Ch Skogsville's Kickstart My Heart (Ch S Get it While You Can x Ch Necku Free as a Wind)
4th, Excellent - Ch Dogcastle's Leslie Blue Angel (Fiefoerniek's Frutsel x Ch Abolla Lady von Dogcastle)

Excellent - Ch il Cagnolina Gemma (Ch Nubiad' Versace x Ch il Cagnolino Fiona)
Excellent - Ch Soltar's New Sensation (Ch Eledielmo of DP x Ch Soltar's Beyond Belief)
Excellent - Ch Selene Pustynny Wiatr (Ch Adonis dPdK x Ch Corazon Pustynny Wiatr)
Excellent - Ch Lulu del Barone Rampante (Ch Sobers Galante x Umanera del BR)
Excellent - Ch Py's Hestia (Py's Angeluccio x Py's Randezza)
Excellent - Ch Lux Loral Felicita Fiorella (Ch Alibaba x Ch LL Bella Patricia)
Excellent - Ch Eugenios Mrs Robinson (Ch Caeles Magical Mr Mistoffelees x Athea il Piccolo Azzuro)
Excellent - Ch Zahara de Escriba Divino (Vincento dPdK x Katy de Escriba Divino)
Excellent - Ch Celeste dei Raggi di Luna (Ivaldo Bohemia Skara x Dadaumpa dRdL)
Excellent - Ch Marisa Pustynny Wiatr (Ch Umberto dPdK x Giabell Z Ivaru)

Vetaran Class:
1st, Excellent, VWW-10 - Ch Movado B'doria (Fiefoerniek's Flits x Ch Talata Diva)
2nd, Excellent - Ch Loral Rebeka (Ch Pizzigotto vom Pellerschloss x Loral Dolce)
3rd, Excellent - Ch Sasha (Nash de Shirkan x Dunrobin's Winona)
4th, Excellent - Ch Dark Legend's Iron Lady (Ch Sobers Bravissimo x DL China in Your Hand)

CAC Male - Batter D'Ali Sistoquarto
CAC Female - Constanza dei Raggi di Luna

JWW-10 Male: Vindhauses Alto
JWW-10 Female: Charlotte Forum Romanum

CACIB, WW-10 Male - Batter D'Ali Sistoquarto
CACIB, WW-10 Female - Ch Pazzaidea del Barone Rampante

VWW-10 Female - Ch VWW-08 Movado B'doria

lørdag 19. juni 2010

Esso's first Champion offspring!

June 5th at the Jämsän show in Finland, Topaasin Dahlia was awarded CAC and BOB for Harri Lehkonen! This was her last CAC for her Finnish Championship! Huge congratulations to breeder Sirpa and owner Leena :)

tirsdag 15. juni 2010

Esso has become a father - again!

On June 3rd (the day before Esso's birthday), Biscotti Isadora, "Lotte" gave birth to 4 males. This will be the Biscotti "Q-litter", and it is co-bred with Christina Horn, the owner of "Lotte".

Esso has sired a total of 15 puppies:

Born 17. October 2007 (1+1) dam: N S Ch Iso-Brina's Ramina Cona del Matra
- Dervisch Biscottino (m)
- Dervisch Biscottina (f)

Born 29. November 2007 (2+2) dam: Keylee Afrodite
- Cheerinova Alladin (m)
- Cheerinova Amigos (m)
- Cheerinova Anastasia (f)
- Cheerinova Angel (f)

Born 12. April 2008 (2+1) dam: Topaasin Blues for You
- Topaasin Dajm (m)
- Topaasin Dubbel Nougat (m)
- Topaasin Dahlia (f)

Born 02. October 2008 (0+2) dam: N Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses
- Avendesora (f)
- Aviendha (f)

Born 03. June 2010 (4+0) dam: Biscotti Isadora
- Biscotti Q... (m)
- Biscotti Q... (m)
- Biscotti Q... (m)
- Biscotti Q... (m)

Happy belated Birthdays to the Boys!

Chivas, Arab Bahari's Baytor Abdullah, was 4 years old on May 29th - and Esso, Biscotti Esclusivo, was 4 years old on June 4th. Happy Birthdays to the best boys in the world!

søndag 13. juni 2010

Esso's International Championship

In April, I got this in the mail - Esso's diploma and confirmation of his International Beauty Championship - C.I.B.!!!!! He's my first real showdog, and he's gone all the way to Int Ch - or Int Nord Ch ;) The diploma is now framed and is hanging on the wall in our diningroom.

lørdag 12. juni 2010

Norwegian Greyhound Club Show - May 23rd 2010

We'd entered Esso, Easy, Vita and Sasha for this show - Sasha has only been shown once before as a veteran (at the IG Speciality 2009), and since we've entered her for WDS, we thought she'd need a couple of times in the ring to warm up!

The results were:
BM-1, BOS - N S Ch N S LCCh Dervisch Very Valentino - congrats Ludmilla!
BM-2 - N Ch NV-07 Dogcastle's Let Me Entertain You
BM-3, CAC - Eugenios Amenhotep

BB-1, BOB - N Ch Eugenios Posh Spice - congrats Tone!
BB-2, CAC - Soltar's Créme de la Eugenios
BB-3 - Aviendha
BB-4 - N Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses

Sasha was the one to make us proud today - not only did she go BOB Veteran, but she went all the way to BIS-3 Veteran! This looks promising :)

torsdag 10. juni 2010

Norwegian IG Speciality

Last Sunday it was time for our 2nd IG Speciality, at beautiful Disen Gård at Vormsund. Judge of the day was Henrik Skog, kennel Skogsville.

BEST IN SHOW - Biscotti Mademoiselle!
BOS - N Ch S LCCh Dervisch Open Sesame

BM-2 - Int Ch NV-08-09 Biscotti Esclusivo
BM-3 - Eugenios Amenhotep
BM-4 - N S Ch N S LCCh Dervisch Very Valentino

BB-2 - N Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses
BB-3 - N Ch Eugenios Posh Spice
BB-4 - Biscotti Oprah

BIS Puppy - Dogcastle's The Little Big Man
BOS Puppy - Biscotti Palmira

BIS Junior - Casa Italiano Athos Micah

BIS Intermediate - Dogcastle's Charcoal

BIS Working Class - N Ch S LCCh Dervisch Open Sesame

BIS Pet - "Wilma"

BIS Veteran - Int Nord It Ch NV-06 Movado Ric Rosso
BOS Veteran - N Ch Sasha

BIS Breedersgroup - kennel Dervisch

BIS Movement - Int Nord Ch NV-02-07-08 NordV-06-07 VWW-08 Movado B'doria

BIS Head and Expression - Dogcastle's The Little Big Man

BIS Brace - Aviendha and N Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses

Time to start blogging again!

I got a new job just a few days after last time I blogged, and I've just been too busy after that. But now the time was right to start blogging again. There's so much to tell, I'll just have to do it bit by bit for the next couple of weeks.

First of all, my sister and I has moved together into a house with garden in Ytre Enebakk, 30 minutes drive from Oslo. There's still a lot to do before we get totally settled - it's only been a week since we finally got our sofa! But we like it here, and it's very nice for the dogs. Since I work in Oslo from 12-20 every day, the dogs get an hour in the woods in the morning before I leave for work.

tirsdag 26. januar 2010

Kennel Curvy

Finally, my kennelname is confirmed with the Norwegian Kennel Club! My sister and I will now be the owners of Curvy Italian Greyhounds :)

mandag 18. januar 2010

Puppies 6,5 weeks old

New stacked photos of the puppies, 6,5 weeks old. I really like how they look!

They are both very social and outgoing puppies, but other than that, they are two opposite personalities. The girl is a spitfire, everything is full speed, and her tail is constantly wagging. The boy is the calm one, more of a thinker, and he likes to "finish one project" before he starts a new one ;) I'm extremely happy about their temperament.

Dervisch Let Lady Luck Smile

Dervisch Midas Touch

tirsdag 12. januar 2010

End of the Year summary - TOP IG list

What a year it has been!

Int* Nord Ch NV-08-09 Biscotti Esclusivo
- #2 IG in Norway 2009
- #1 IG Male in Norway 2009
- #4 IG Male in Sweden 2009 (only 2 shows)
- #5 Stud in Norway
- New International Champion (Echt, the Netherlands)
- 2xBIG-2 placements
- CAC winner in the Netherlands
- NV-09 and BOB at NKK International Lillestrøm, 24 IGs
- BOB at SvVk Summershow at Lövudden, 51 IGs for breed specialist Waltraud Peschges

N Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses
- #7 IG in Norway
- #4 IG Bitch in Norway
- BIS at the Norwegian IG Speciality, 25 IGs
- BIS Movement at both Norwegian and Swedish IG Speciality

- 3 Puppy Shows; 2xBIG Puppy, 1xSpeciality BIS-Puppy
- then from juniorclass:
- #7 IG Bitch in Norway
- 4xBOB, 5xCAC (3 in Norway, 2 in the Netherlands)
- 1xBIG, 2xBIG-3
- BIS-3 Junior at SvVk Summershow at Lövudden

lørdag 2. januar 2010

Puppies 4 weeks old

Late update, but here are the first stacked photos of the puppies, taken last Monday.

Dervisch Let Lady Luck Smile
Dervisch Midas Touch