lørdag 27. juni 2009

Topaasin Dahlia BOB!

Esso's daughter Topaasin Dahlia was entered to a show in Finland today, and went BOB with her first CAC! There were 11 IG's entered, and judge was Tuula Plathan. Congratulations to Sirpa and Leena - and of course to Dahlia herself :) *Photos by Elina Lind*

"Elegant bitch of right size, noble head, good ears, eyes could be a bit darker. Beautiful neck-line. Typical angulations for the breed, front and behind. Good tail. Moves typically. Beautiful coat."

tirsdag 23. juni 2009

Oh so busy!

I have 2 days left at work here in Lærdal, and I'm moving in a week. I'm acutally sad to leave, I've made great friends here, and I've enjoyed living and working here. So, I'll have to come back to visit a few times - I can't just walk away and never come back! Where did the last 11 months go? It's a year since I came up here for an interview, I moved here for August 1st, and now I leave!

There's so much to do - packing (both for moving and for holidays in Belgium), cleaning, paperwork from work that needs to be finished, bills for June to send out (not ready for that yet...), finishing the updates on http://italienerutvalget.no (won't be able to do much after I leave until middle of July), washing clothes/bedstuff/doggieblankets etc. I'm tired, so I've started drinking coffee to keep awake - this doesn't sound like a good week to come ;) If I'd only NOT had to work, only packing, I'd not be stressed right now - but I have 2 days on call, starting tomorrow morning at 08.00, ending Friday morning at 08.00.

On Friday, I'll be crazy and drive to Voss for my first ever PARACHUTE JUMP! Thanks to my colleage Eivind (who's a passionate "jumper"), I've decided to give it a try. I know it'll be amazing, I can't wait!

fredag 19. juni 2009

Open Show

The Norwegian IG Comitee held our Speciality (unofficial show) on June 6th at Disen Gård, Vormsund. Judge was Tone B. Fischer of Eugenios IGs, Poodles and Chinese Cresteds. There were 31 IGs entered, of which 27 were there. 2 puppies + 12 males and 13 females.

We had a great time, the weather was nice and people seemed to enjoy themselves. Half the entries had never been close to a showring before, but everyone did a great job! Hopefully this will be an opening for them to start showing their IGs at official shows.


BM-1, BOS - Nord Ch NV-08 Biscotti Esclusivo
BM-2 - Dervisch Very Valentino
BM-3 - N Ch Dunrobin's Verdi
BM-4 - Alwin

BB-1, BIS - N Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses
BB-2 - Biscotti Mademoiselle
BB-3 - Talata Uma Rose Noora
BB-4 - N Ch Sasha

Best Head & Expression: Talata Uma Rose Noora

Best Movement: Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses

Best Brace: Dervisch Fiorella d O og Aviendha

BIS Puppy: Aviendha

BIS Junior: Biscotti Mademoiselle
BOS Junior: Alwin

BIS Intermediate: Dervisch Very Valentino
BOS Intermediate: Biscotti Jill Illy

BIS Pet: Dexter
BOS Pet: Biscotti Kahlia

BIS Veteran: Dunrobin's Verdi
BOS Veteran: Sasha

BIS Breeder: kennel Biscotti
- B Mademoiselle, B Esclusivo, B Jill Illy

BIS - N Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses
BOS - Nord Ch NV-08 Biscotti Esclusivo

The next day, we went to the International show in Drammen. There were 12 IGs entered (4+8) for judge Stefan Stefik, Slovakia.

BM-1, cert, cacib, BOB - Dervisch Very Valentino
BM-2, r-cacib - Ch Skogsville's Fool For Your Lovin
BM-3 - Ch Biscotti Esclusivo
BM-4 - Ch Dervisch Open Sesame

BB-1, cacib, BOS - Ch Dogcastle's Leslie Blue Angel
BB-2, r-cacib - Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses
BB-3, cac - Biscotti Mademoiselle

Of course, I wanted the CACIB for Easy - the judge took forever to choose between her and Star (D. Leslie Blue Angel) for Best Bitch, but Easy just wasn't in the mood for showing at all... Esso wasn't in his usual showmood either, I think the open show the day before "killed" their enthusiasm a bit - but we had fun at the open show, and that's the most important thing - there's always another Int Show!

Critics for Esso:
3 years old, good looking. Very good character, head quite good, eyebrow bald. Topline correct, scissor bite. Movement could be more free.

Critics for Easy:
2,5 years old, nice looking and moving. Head ok, scissor bite. In moving a little free in elbow. Good character

I'd also entered Chivas in open class (13+9 salukis) for judge Marja Talvitie, Finland.
Chivas won open class with CK - there were only 6 males with CK. He didn't get placed in best male, but I was so happy! Last year, he was my "blue boy" (2.prize), but this year he's gained 2 CAC, won BOB and BOS + getting CK in such a large entry is just great!

Critics for Chivas:
Very good type. Good head and expression. Very good neck, topline and withers. Very well angulated behind. Moves very well from the side, a bit loose in front.

I'm very happy with Chivas, and if he continues to move like he did at Drammen, I can actually start hoping that we'll get that last, "big" CAC for his Norwegian Championship!

torsdag 4. juni 2009

Italian Greyhound Open Show

This Saturday, the Norwegian IG Comitee are arranging an unofficial show - Open Show - at Disen Gård, Vormsund. There are 27 IGs entered - 2 puppies, 12 males and 13 females! Judge is Tone B. Fischer, kennel Eugenios, who is on her way to becoming a judge. She's a breeder of poodles, chinese crested and IGs.

There's so much to do and so many things to remember! I'm working on the cataloge and prizes, and it's a lot of work. And I'm also on call at work - and I have a cake to bake :)

mandag 1. juni 2009

Holiday in Belguim in July :)

This year will be the first year since I moved from home (-99) that I'm having a proper holiday with money to spend! I'll visit Margrét in Belgium in July, and I've just entered 2 IGs for the Int show in Echt, the Netherlands on July 5th :) I'm so looking forward to this - showing in a new country and seeing new IGs!