tirsdag 26. januar 2010

Kennel Curvy

Finally, my kennelname is confirmed with the Norwegian Kennel Club! My sister and I will now be the owners of Curvy Italian Greyhounds :)

mandag 18. januar 2010

Puppies 6,5 weeks old

New stacked photos of the puppies, 6,5 weeks old. I really like how they look!

They are both very social and outgoing puppies, but other than that, they are two opposite personalities. The girl is a spitfire, everything is full speed, and her tail is constantly wagging. The boy is the calm one, more of a thinker, and he likes to "finish one project" before he starts a new one ;) I'm extremely happy about their temperament.

Dervisch Let Lady Luck Smile

Dervisch Midas Touch

tirsdag 12. januar 2010

End of the Year summary - TOP IG list

What a year it has been!

Int* Nord Ch NV-08-09 Biscotti Esclusivo
- #2 IG in Norway 2009
- #1 IG Male in Norway 2009
- #4 IG Male in Sweden 2009 (only 2 shows)
- #5 Stud in Norway
- New International Champion (Echt, the Netherlands)
- 2xBIG-2 placements
- CAC winner in the Netherlands
- NV-09 and BOB at NKK International Lillestrøm, 24 IGs
- BOB at SvVk Summershow at Lövudden, 51 IGs for breed specialist Waltraud Peschges

N Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses
- #7 IG in Norway
- #4 IG Bitch in Norway
- BIS at the Norwegian IG Speciality, 25 IGs
- BIS Movement at both Norwegian and Swedish IG Speciality

- 3 Puppy Shows; 2xBIG Puppy, 1xSpeciality BIS-Puppy
- then from juniorclass:
- #7 IG Bitch in Norway
- 4xBOB, 5xCAC (3 in Norway, 2 in the Netherlands)
- 1xBIG, 2xBIG-3
- BIS-3 Junior at SvVk Summershow at Lövudden

lørdag 2. januar 2010

Puppies 4 weeks old

Late update, but here are the first stacked photos of the puppies, taken last Monday.

Dervisch Let Lady Luck Smile
Dervisch Midas Touch