søndag 31. oktober 2010

New champion!

At the Norwegian Dalmation Club Show (national show), Vita went BB-2 with CAC! She turned 2 years on October 2nd, and only needed a "small" CAC to complete her Norwegian championship!

She's my first home-bred champion, from my first (and so far only) litter, and I'm extremely happy and proud! She's also Esso's 3rd champion offspring (from 3 different litters), so this is indeed a big day for us at kennel Curvy.

Full results:
BOB: N Ch Eugenios Posh Spice
BB-2, CAC, Champion: Aviendha
BB-3: Zaira Feritte Bugsy
BB-4: Nord Ch Talata Yvett

Vita - Aviendha - 1AK 1AKK CK CERT BT-2 - NO Ch!
Nice eyes, good angulation in back legs. Nice head, uses ears well. Good expression. Nice black pigment. Nice bite, nice coat. Moved & showed well.

Easy - NO Ch NV-10 Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses - 1CHK 4CHKK CK
Good body, nice head. Good angulation in back legs, nice dark eye. Moved & showed well.

Chivas - NO Ch Arab Bahari's Baytor Abdullah - 1CHK 4CHKK BH-3
Nice dog. Nice head, good expression. Good topline, well muscled back legs. Moved & showed well. Nice neck, good ears.

søndag 10. oktober 2010

NKK Int Hamar, October 9th 2010

Off we went to Hamar - thought we had enough time, but because of several detours due to roadwork, we barely made it in time for Chivas to enter the ring! No time to warm up, so not the best performance of his life. He ended up 4th in champion class without CK. But I dreaded a 2.prize, so I guess I'm ok with the placement.

Chivas - NO Ch Arab Bahari's Baytor Abdullah - 1CHK 4CHKK
Masculine male, good head & expression, good body and bones. Could have a firmer front, lowered (?) in topline. Enough angulations behind. Could have more power and spring in his movement. A bit short tail.

In IGs, I was hoping for the last CAC for Vita - she turned 2 years old on October 2nd, so this was her first chance on her championship. Also, I'm always hoping for a CACIB for Easy, and it would have been nice with another CACIB for Ira as well. But that was not going to happen today. BOB was Nord Ch Talata Yvet, BOS and new NO Ch was FI Ch Dervisch Papavero, coming all the way from Finland.

Ira - Am Nord Ch Alfheim's All Things Considered - 1CHK 3CHKK
Masculine head, well placed & well carried ears. Could have more underjaw. Nicely angulated in front, harmonic top/underline. Could have more angulated knees. Almost too much white on chest. Parallell up and down. Could have longer stride and more drive from the side.

Easy - NO Ch NV-10 Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses - 1CHK 2CHKK CK BB-3
Excellent type, feminine and well balanced head. Elegant neck, excellent coat. Harmonic top/underline, parallell up and down. Could have slightly longer stride in front (sideview).

Vita - Aviendha - 1AK 2AKK CK BB-4
Excellent breedtype, feminine head, could be slightly more filled out under eyes, could have stronger underjaw. Well angulated front and back, harmonic top/underline. Parallell down/behind, slightly narrow in front, balanced from the side.

So, better luck next time!