fredag 30. juli 2010

Plans for the summer

Tomorrow's my last day at work before the holidays. I'll be driving down to Margrét in Belgium together with Elisa (knl Berylline), who I've never met before, so I do hope we get along :)

After a couple of days in Belgium, we'll all 3 head down to south-western France for the 50 year Anniversary of the French IG Club! There'll be about 200 IGs meeting at one place, and over 25 are entered for Lure Coursing. Of course, we're bringing a camera or two ;)

I'll be showing Esso, Easy and Vita in France. Chivas are staying in Norway with Evy while we're on the road, running in the fields with the other salukis :)

mandag 12. juli 2010

Dervisch Midas Touch
(Ch Ylladian Eugenios Gavino x Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses)

A belated posting of these photos of Vestar at the age of 4,5 months. He was born on December 1st 2009, and is now 7 months old.

He looks like he'll be well within the standard, and I'd like to thank Deb Pupo for taking such good care of "Mr Norway"!

lørdag 3. juli 2010

Biscotti Q-litter, 4 weeks old

4 males born June 3rd 2010
father: Int Nord Ch NV-08-09 Biscotti Esclusivo
mother: Biscotti Isadora (3rd placeIG in European LC Championship 2009)

Boy nr 1

Boy nr 2

Boy nr 3

Boy nr 4