tirsdag 29. desember 2009

Puppies 3 weeks old

I really should have posted these photos a week ago, but I forgot. So, here's photos of the puppies last week, when they were 3 weeks old. New photos were taken today, but I'll wait a bit before posting them.

Dervisch Let Lady Luck Smile
Dervisch Midas Touch

fredag 11. desember 2009

Puppies 9 days old

- Here are some photos of the puppies at 9 days - enjoy!

Dervisch Midas Touch (male)

Dervisch Let Lady Luck Smile (female)

Then some sleeping beauties!

Dervisch Midas Touch with the cutes belly in the world :)

Dervisch Let Lady Luck Smile just loves sleeping on her back <3 <3

mandag 7. desember 2009

Puppies born December 1st

Easy gave birth to 2 puppies last Tuesday, an isabella female and a blue male. Easy is a great mother, and the puppies have more than doubled their birthweight :)

This is a Dervisch-litter, and the theme of the litter is "Luck". Their names will be:

Dervisch Let Lady Luck Smile (female)
Dervisch Midas Touch (male)

mandag 30. november 2009

NKK International Lillestrøm - Norwegian Winner

I'd entered Esso and Vita for this years Norwegian Winner Show at Lillestrøm. It moved from Hamar to Lillestrøm this year, to a much larger location - although the parking area was not designed for all the dogpeople cars that arrived!

There were 32 IGs entered for whippetbreeder Arne Foss, Norway. Not all showed, but 24-25 IGs were there. Esso won championclass, then went best male and NV-09!! He also won breed over N Ch NV-09 Dogcastle's Leslie Blue Angel!

We got picked in group for top 6, but were not among the 4 placed.
BIG + BIS-4 - whippet - INT NORD UCH NV-07 Siprex Siri
BIG-2 - greyhound - N S UCH JWW-08 NV-08 KBHV-09 Showline Sporting Step
BIG-3 - scottish deerhound - Manticorns Isabella
BIG-4 - afghan hound - USA NORD UCH NV-08 Elan Sebring The Matrix

Vita was placed as 3rd in juniorclass with HP.

Critic Esso:
Overall very pleasing. Good size, good proportions. Pretty, "expressionfull" eyes. Good shape of head, nice ears. Typical neck, good topline. Appropriate body, well angulated hindquarters. Good movements, excellent coat. Shown well, excellent temperament.

Critic Vita:
Pleasing junior, very feminine. Expressionfull eyes, correct bite. Head a tad rounded. Promising front, good topline. Well angulated hindquarters. Short body, good proportions. Moves quite well, but can do better. Very well shown. Nice temperament.

Since Esso went BOB, we went to get his photo taken for "Hundesport", where they present all BOB-winning dogs from the Norwegian Winner Show in their first issue in 2010! Just waiting for the photo to be uploaded to the photographers webpage, I want to see how it turned out! Until then, I'm posting a ringside photo taken by Ludmilla (hope it's ok!).

Esso will now be known as Int* Nord Ch NV-08-09 Biscotti Esclusivo

*pending FCI confirmation

mandag 9. november 2009

Success in the Netherlands!

photo by Minga

As I blogged earlier, I went to visit Margrét over the weekend. I had a really nice time - we went to visit this nearby town called Dendermonde, where we did some shopping - and on Saturday we went to Waasland shoppingmall in St. Niklaas. I'm very pleased to say I got some Christmas shopping done! On Friday, we had a "red wine and Buzz" night, and someone claimed they just let us girls win out of pure charity!!!

Of course I came down a weekend where we could go to a show - Bleiswijk International in the Netherlands! 8 IGs entered for Danish judge Gunnar Nymann. Vita first won juniorclass, then took Best of Breed over Giaguaro of Devils Pigeons, who won his last CAC for his Dutch Championship - congratulations to Leona! He's a pretty boy, so it was well deserved.
Vita now has 2 jcac towards her NL JCh title - she only needs one more before turning 18 months (which she'll do on April 2nd), so I guess we'll be going back ;) She also has 2 CAC out of the 4 required for her adult title NL Ch, but she has to be 27 months before she can become a champion, so we have plenty of time. PS - sorry about lack of photos, but most of them were blury due to poor light.

Vitas critic:
"Up to size, very nice outline, good parallellity in head, correct bite, good eyes and ears, could have better underjaw. Correct shaped neck, good topline and croup, ok bend of stifle. Good front, nice feet, ok coat. Good lenght of step and drive, could be more stable in front"

We were the last breed in the ring, so we didn't have to wait that long for Group. What's different in Belgium/the Netherlands vs the Nordic countries, is that no matte what you have to be there before judgings start and have to stay until the Finals start. I'm used to more or less come and go as I please, but at least if you have to stay until 3 o'clock anyway, then if you win BOB you might as well stay for group. There were 10 sighthoundbreeds present in the group with plenty of famous dogs and faces. Vita did great, and floated in the ring, so that I had to run to keep up with her! She showed herself to a splendid Group 3 placement!!!

tirsdag 3. november 2009

Tomorrow'll be busy - then Belgium on Thursday!

Time is going so fast, suddenly it's time for packing my suitcase an getting ready for my long-planned trip to visit Margrét in Belgium. I went there for 10 days in July, and we immediately started planning for the next visit ;)

Tomorrow, I'll have to take a trip to Oslo to deliver Esso to Ludmilla and her boys - he'll have a blast - and my sister will look after Chivas and the very-pregnant-Easy (she'd sit on your lap 24/7 to cuddle and to get her ears scratched - only disrupted by the neccessary eatingbreaks) + my car. Vita will come with me on the plane, we do have a show to go to on Sunday!

I'm glad I'm able to travel Thursday and Monday, as the tickets were more than 1000NOK cheaper each way when I don't travel on a weekend-day! Vita will come with me into the cabin - she went with Esso into cargo when I went to Margrét in July, but when travelling with only one dog, I'm glad she could come into the cabin with me.

I hope it won't rain, as Margrét and I have planned to go to some large Beigian city on Friday to do some Christmas shopping - and in the evening, we'll have a Buzz-night with good food and red wine - Yummy! Saturday is open for more shopping, if I have the need - and if the weather is OK, we'll go to a racing/coursing practice. Sunday is the day of the Dog show, don't know how far we'll have to drive, but it's in the Netherlands. And on Monday evening, I go back home.

torsdag 29. oktober 2009

Easy is pregnant!

Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses

It's been a few days since I first felt some small "bumps" in her abdomen, so she's definately pregnant. No surprise, as she's been behaving like she's got puppies, but it's nice to feel them there as well ;)

sire: Ylladian Eugenios Gavino

This will be a Dervisch-litter, her breeder is entiteled to one litter on her. Father of the puppies is the Finnish import Ylladian Eugenios Gavino (Ch Calimero de la Roche Hue x Ch Dervisch Dial L for Love) owned by Tone Fischer of kennel Eugenios. This will be his first litter, he turns 2 years old in February. He's been one of the most-winning IG's in Norway this year, and has won 7 CAC in Norway so far in 2009.

Puppies will be born early December 2009

torsdag 22. oktober 2009

Pre-Christmas trip to visit Margrét

I've been looking forward to this trip a long time now! It started this summer when I went to visit Margrét in Belgium, and we did a successful show in Echt, the Netherlands. Wouldn't it be great if I came down sometime during the autumn for another show weekend? We just had to find a show in the Netherlands with a Nordic judge (don't know if it's just us but it seems a greater likelyhood of winning for a Nordic judge than a "local" judge from Belgum or Holland). If I am to take the trip, why not ensure greatest possible chance of succeding?

So I entered this International show in Bleswijk, NL - judge is Gunnar Nymann. At least I've shown Vita for him earlier, resulting in 2 Group 1st, one as a puppy and one as an adult. I'm so excited, only 2 weeks left!

I've found doggysitters for the rest of the dogs, the trip has already been paid for and I still have lots of euros left from my puppysale of Nina, Vita's sister, to Bas and Jessica in Rotterdam. Perfect for some Christmas shopping!!! So, anyone who wants a Belgian X-mas present, just let me know, haha ;)

tirsdag 20. oktober 2009


I just got a letter from NKK (Norwegian Kennel Club), my 1st choice for kennelname was approved by FCI! Now, I only have to wait for it to be publised in the next issue of "Hundesport", and wait the appointed amount of time where people can protest against it - then it's mine! Or not just mine, as my sister is also in on it ;)

søndag 18. oktober 2009

Yesterday's walk by the river

Here's some photos from our walk by the river yesterday, in beautiful autumn weather. Enjoy!

Chivas and his 2 IG girls - Easy and Vita

Chivas loves to run!

In need of cooling down

Esso on the Run!

The dogs were crazy, running and running, chasing eachother in the sand


Chivas plunging into the river
Don't know if it was totally intentional or not...

One of my favourite photos
Vita comming to Chivas as he comes out of the water

Saluki vs Italian greyhounds

Chivas the Goofball

And one final photo of my beloved Chivas

Not much happening here at the moment, so these pictures is all you'll get this time ;)

mandag 12. oktober 2009

A little update

I guess it's time for a little update on what's been going on here. It's mostly nothing, which is the reason it's been a while since I blogged.

My mum was in Oslo this weekend, first for some workrelated stuff, then stayed with my sister from Friday to Sunday. I met up with them on Friday for a trip to IKEA (yet again, and I always find something to buy) including dinner. I also went to my sister afterwards, mainly to borrow the 9th Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead and Gone. Both my sister and I have been totally hooked on these books - too bad the 9th is the last one so far (new book out next spring, can't wait!). I've watched both Seasons of True Blood (based on book 1 - "Dead until Dark" - and 2 - "Living Dead in Dallas"), and I'm looking very much forward to Season 3 next summer!!! Meanwhile, I look forward to "New Moon", the 2nd movie from the "Twilight series". Just gotta love those vampires, haha ;)
I went to Evy for a visit yesterday. 2 of the cirnecopuppies has left (largest boy and smallest girl), the last 3 had to have their shots and microchips done. I also chipped a couple of neighbourhood huntingdogs - it's kind of smart to have if they get lost during the elk hunt ;) I really like these cirneco puppies - can't decide which one of the males I like best. Just hope some lucky new owners show up soon!!! They have a lovely temperament, and are so good at doing their bussiness outside already, only 9-10 weeks old.

I got a bunch of IG critics from 2009 shows, so now it's time to start working on the 2009 Yearbook! Just hoping those critics will keep coming, then I'll be very happy. I just can't resist just sitting down and read them all when they arrive, very interesting. You should all put in an order for it - it's fully possible to reserve one already ;)

søndag 4. oktober 2009

NKK International Hamar today

I've only entered 1 show this month, and it was today at Vikingeskipet in Hamar, who was built as an arena for the 2004 Winter Olympics, and is shaped like an "upside down" copy of a Viking ship. This has earlier been the site of the Norwegian Winner Show, who's up in late November, and has moved to Lillestrøm this year, due to a larger indoor space.

2 males and 6 females were entered for Swedish judge Dan Ericsson. He was the one to give Esso his Swedish & Norwegian Ch last June, so I was pretty optimistic.

BM-1, CACIB, BOS - Ch Biscotti Esclusivo
BM-2, CAC, R-CACIB - Ylladian Eugenios Gavino

BB-1, CACIB, BOB - Ch Eugenios Posh Spice
BB-2, CAC - Aviendha
BB-3, R-CACIB - Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses
BB-4 - Ch Dogcastle's Leslie Blue Angel

I'm very happy with BOS for Esso and BB-2 with CAC for Vita (just from juniorclass) - although I still wish for a CACIB, not just Res-CACIB for Easy.

Critic Esso:
Bigger champion male. Beautiful head, good front. Nice bones and feet. Could have more curved profile. Cannot be coarser.

Critic Vita:
Very beautiful female. Ideal proportions, type and size. Pretty and feminine head, excellent front. Beatuiful body with pretty curves and outline. Could have a bit more coat. Very beautiful sidemovement.

Critic Easy:
Nice female. Very nice head and expression. Good front. Excellent bones and feet, excellent body. Wish for better movement.

When I got home, my sister had just gotten a letter to me from NKK (the Norwegian Kennel Club), which confirmed my application for a kennelname - all 3 suggestions were approved by them, and are now sent in to FCI for final approvement! That might take a while, but I'm still very excited!!! What I've applied for, you ask?!? I guess you'll just have to wait and see!

fredag 2. oktober 2009

Happy Birthday to Vita and Gloria!

Today, Vita is 1 year old and grandmother Gloria is 6! Happy birthday to them both!!!

Marie has come for a visit, so the girls have had a nice run on the fields. We've just taken the heavenly "brownies-cheescake" out of the oven, so we humans can have something nice to eat ;)

Vita 1 year old today!

Winter on the way...

The last 4 nights, it's been below zero degrees outside, and the grass has been white with frost in the morning. A sure sign that winter is definately on the way - I'd rather have a couple of more months of summer... I've never been a "winter-kind-of-person", it's either cold and freezing or wet and freezing for months and months. You have to dress up in warm clothes to do anything, the dogs hate the cold... Need any more arguments?

This morning, it was 16 degrees in the livingroom - and last night I had to lit a fire in the bedroom, because it was so cold! That's the nice thing about winter - being inside with a nice fire burning in the oven! And tea, lots of warm tea ;) The dogs love it, and happily curl up beside the woodburning oven.Both my girls are in heat. Vita is certainly on her way down, and were never really bothered about the whole thing. Easy is a bit tricky, as she doesn't bleed - and she was suddenly very ready on Monday, doing her best to drive Chivas nuts!!! As Easys breeder, Dan, are entiteled to a litter from her, and we had planned to mate her on this heat. The chosen male is Ylladian Eugenios Gavino, a Finnish import to Norway. Parents are Fin Est Ch Calimero de la Roche Hue and Int Fin Est Ch Dervisch Dial L for Love. In about 3 weeks time, I'll see if I can feel any puppies there - and puppies are expected at the very beginning of December.

mandag 21. september 2009

Vita's first heat...

Vita is now on day 6 of her first heat. She's really not bothered about it at all, except for increased need to cleanliness ;) Looks like mummy Easy is going to accompany her soon.

The boys are not taking in as lightly - she DOES smell FANTASTIC! Still, it's not too bad, this morning, Chivas was more concerned about his food than the little temptress right under his nose ;) But Esso, I don't trust at all when it comes to bitches in season. He can lie there all day, pretending NOT to be bothered - then you turn your back in 10 seconds, and he's smack-right-at-it! So, for that reason - and that it's his daughter that's in season - he's gone on a "holiday" to Ludmilla and her boys. He'll spend some time as a "city-boy" in Oslo, and some time as a "countryboy" at her house in the woods of Sweden. And there'll also be a trip to Eastern Sweden, he'll be cheering Ludmilla's boys and Christina's Lotte at an LC Trial!

I forgot to tell, but Lotte (Biscotti Isadora) went BIF (Best in Field) at the Norwegian International LC Trial last weekend!!!!! Huge congratulations to owner Christina and breeder Evy!

mandag 14. september 2009

A memorable trip to Helsingborg...

Our trip to Helsingborg started well - driving to Ludmilla's Swedish house on Thursday, so that the dogs could relax and we could walk in the forest before packing up the cars and drive on Friday. We picked up Dan in Hällevadsholm and continued all the way to Helsingborg. We stayed at an Apartment Hotel in the middle of the city - a large room/apartment with a small kitchencorner, a large bathroom and a large "livingarea". Unfortunately, the Hotel's parkinggarage was full, so we had to park on the street outside the hotel.

Esso - Int Nord Ch NV-08 Biscotti Esclusivo

Saturday was SKK Sofiero - the showground in a beautiful garden (Sofiero Castle), but half the rings were close (IG rings) and half the rings were on the other side of the garden, in quite a bit of walking distance away - and there Ludmilla were showing Dakar. There were 25 IGs entered for Spanish judge Angela Hauncher Ayucar (12+11 and 2 puppies)

BOB + BIS-5 puppy: Lovoly's She's a Lady

BM-1, BOS - Int Nord Ch NV-08 Biscotti Esclusivo
BM-2, CAC - Dervisch Electric - New Swedish Champion!
BM-3 - N S Ch Dervisch Very Valentino

BB-1, BOB - S Ch Skogsville's Saturday Night Live
BB-2, CAC - Dervisch Strike a Pose
BB-3 - Dervisch Electra des Ombreuses
BB-4 - N Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses
BB-5 - Aviendha

New S Ch - Dervisch Electric

Critic Esso:
Excellent head, good neck. Very good topline, good angulations. Moves very well.

Critic Vita:
Very good head, neck, body and angulations. Now she doesn't move OK in front.

Critic Easy:
Good type, beautiful head. Good neck, topline and angulations. Good movements but crosses legs in front.
Kennel Dervisch also won BOB Breeders Group, but nothing in the Finals.

We drove back to the hotel, took in the dogs and the stuff we needed - I then went out to the cars again, and someone had broken into them... The right sidewindows on my car and Ludmilla's car were broken open, and our GPS's were stolen. It's so maddening that people just cannot let other people have things in peace! The stolen GPS is one thing, but it's horrible that the car has been damaged like that, glass everywhere... Dan had to be doggysitter while Ludmilla and I went to first vacuumclean the cars, then get the open windows closed with some plastic. We were going to go out to eat, but no one felt like it after this.

CAC-winner Sunday - Dervisch Electra des Ombreuses

Sunday, it was time for the SvVk (Swedish Sighthound Club) Show. 33 IGs entered this day (15+13 and 4 puppies), for French judge Bernard Barjot.

Puppy BM-1, BOS - Qvickelyckans J Frode
Puppy BB-1, BOB - Lovoly's She's a Lady

BM-1, BOS - N S Ch Dervisch Very Valentino
BM-2 - S Ch Dervisch Electric
BM-3 - S Ch Flying Spirit's Forever and Ever
BM-4, CAC - Skogsville's Shut Out the Light
BM-5 - Dervisch Smoke on the Water

BB-1, BOB - S Ch Skogsville's Saturday Night Live
BB-2 - Nord Ch Skogsville's Kickstart My Heart
BB-3 - S Ch Skogsville's One Hit Wonder
BB-4, CAC - Dervisch Electra des Ombreuses
BB-5 - Dervisch Strike a Pose

Critic Esso (5 in championclass, no ck):
Good proportions. Nice head, long neck, good upper and underline. Beautiful angulations, very good movement.

Critic Vita (Excellent, number 2 in juniorclass):
Good proportions, feminine head. Correct neck, under and upperlines, good angulations. Good movement from side, should be more parallell in front.

Critic Easy (3rd in Open Class, CK):
Good construction. Correct head and ears. Correct upper and underlines, good angulations. Very good movements.

We finished early, and could start on the road home before 2 o'clock. Not the fastest drive home, with the plastic instead of a window, we had to keep a certain speed, or the vibrations were horrible! We didn't have to drive all the way to Oslo, but spent the night at Ludmilla's Swedish house. No long walks, as we came at nightfall, and the woods were too dark to see, but today the dogs got to run a bit. We saw 2 Elks/Mooses on our morningwalk, and luckily Chivas was leashed! The iggies tried to run after them, but Dacar the "fearless" Azawakh were scaring them away with his barking. It was very interesting to smell where they'd been, and my IGs did a lot of running and sniffing in that area. Afte a while, Chivas also got to run, and was sooooo happy! He really is the King of those woods! We took another walk later on, to open up a couple of beaverdams, they block the river on numerous places, and there is practically no waterflow in it.

onsdag 9. september 2009

Off to Sweden tomorrow!

Ludmilla and I are going to Sweden for the weekend. Tomorrow, we go to her "Summerhouse" just across the border, where we'll spend the night, and the dogs get to run free in the forest. Friday, we drive to Helsingborg. We'll be showing at SKK Sofiero on Saturday - 25 IGs entered for judge Angela Hauncher Ayucar, Spain. The Swedish Sighthoundclub is hosting the Sunday Show - 33 IGs entered for Bernard Barjot, France! Of course, I'm hoping for a CAC and Swedish Championship for Easy, we'll have to see how that goes. I mean, someone has to get the bitch CAC, so why not Easy?!?