søndag 30. august 2009

Topaasin Dahlia another BOB!

At Tervakoski International in Finland today, 14 IGs were entered for judge Louis Dehaes, Belgium

Esso's daughter Topaasin Dahlia were entered in intermediateclass, and went BB-1, CAC, CACIB and BOB!!!

Huge congratulations to Sirpa and Leena with this pretty girl!

lørdag 22. august 2009

Eye and knee exams

Today, I went to get the knees and eyes of Esso, Easy and Sasha (Esso's grandmother, who turns 9 next month) checked. There were no signs of any eyediseases in either of them, and no signs of any patellaproblems :) I'm especially pleased about Sasha - at 9, there could certainly be problems, but all the opthamologist could see were age-related thickening of the lens, nothing that looked anything like a disease.

I always knew Vita was a bit crazy, but the other day she really proved it. Because of the "little" rabbitproblem here (there used to be 3, now there are >10), the dogs are always very eager to look out the windows in the livingroom. When they see rabbits, some are quiet and shaking (Chivas) while some turn on the sirens (Esso). They've hardly ever seen a rabbit outside - Esso is always glad to give the rabbits long notice (he starts at the kitchendoor, so all rabbits are gone before the dogs even get to the front door) that they are coming ;) I guess Vita was tired of this, so she took matters in her own paws and jumped out of the window to hunt.........!!! Luckily, she was totally unharmed, but it could easily have resulted in broken bones! Needless to say, no Ground Floor windows are open where's there any chance of a crazy one to jump out :-0

onsdag 19. august 2009

Time for an update - NKK Int Oslo + Saluki Speciality

I definately needed a couple of days of rest after our drive down from Lofoten. Sleeping in the car is not to recommend for a good night's sleep ;) The dogs are really getting used to life on the road, and as long as they get to strech their legs now and then, they are perfectly happy to drive for hours and hours. I'm just so glad that all dogs seems to enjoy driving in the car, and that I don't have any stressed, nervous or vomiting dogs!

Saturday was the day of NKK International Oslo. 22 IGs entered for Lotte Jørgensen, Denmark. She only gave out 7 CK - t0 3 males and 4 females. Esso was placed 3rd in championclass, no ck. Vita went 2nd in juniorclass, and was placed BB-4. Keira (my sister's Sashadaughter Biscotti Mademoiselle) won juniorclass, and was placed BB-3 with CAC! Easy went 2nd in championclass, and ended up BB-2 with R-CACIB. I'm very pleased with the results, although I'd love for Easy to (for once) NOT end up with the R-CACIB! Keria has been shown 3 times as a junior, all times at International Shows, all times ending up BB-3 with the CAC, only beaten by champions - congratulations to Marie and Evy!

On Sunday, I went to the Saluki Speciality at Linderud, Oslo. I was going to help out, taking bloodsamples for a Finnish Genetic Project on mapping genes of different hereditary illnesses. I'd also entered Chivas, although I knew this was not a judge for him. And I was right - he got a 2nd price. I'd also made some tomatosalad and my "usual" cake (browines with cheesecake filling) for the lunch. Although I'd doubled the cake, I was not quick enough to eat to actually get to taste it! I guess I'll have to make one for myself ;)

Tomorrow, I'm off to Lærdal for a last "settling of affairs" trip. I'll drive up and down, it's about 4,5 hours each way, so it'll take most of the day. The dogs are coming too, so I hope for not too nice weather ;)

No pictures this time, the "photo-uploader" is having a bad day. Maybe I'll add some later, I might have to restart the computer first. But not now, it's time to have something to eat!

fredag 7. august 2009

Show weekend in Lofoten

Thursday the 31st of July, I packed my car and headed north. It's been almost 2 years since last time I was home in Svolvær, so it was about time!!! I left Oslo at 13.30 (had to do some shopping first, among other things a "coolingbag" for food/drink to hook up to the car's 12V electric plug (sigarettenner). With the light summer evening/night, it was easy to just keep driving through the night (with periodical stops for the dogs, of course) - I had to sleep for 1,5 hours, but then the sun was shining, and I couldn't possibly sleep any longer. One thing is sure - coffee is very good to have in times like that!! I was 5 minutes early for the 9 am ferry from Bognes to Lødingen, and hardly any queue at all, so I was home at 11.30 :) My brother had only just gotten out of bed, or I'd sent in all the dogs for a "wake-up round" LOL

Saturday and Sunday, the lokal double show weekend is arranged by the 2 Dog Clubs in Lofoten - Vågan Hundeklubb (Svolvær) and Vestvågøy Hundeklubb (Leknes), this year in Leknes, 1 hour drive from Svolvær. I'd entered all 4 dogs both days.

Saturday, the weather was grey, almost raining. Judge for all sighthounds (1 afghan, 1 greyhound & 1 puppy, 1 irish wolfhound (though I don't know if it showed), 10 IGs & 1 puppy, 2 salukis and 13 whippets & 3 puppies) was Rita Kadike-Skadina. Esso was BM-1 and BOS, his son Cheerinova Alladin was BM-2 with CAC - congrats Cecilie! Vita went BB-1, CAC and BOB, Easy BB-2. Esso's daughter, Cheerinova Anastacia got a CK, but was unplaced in Best Bitch. I had to hi-jack a handler for Best Bitch (I just discovered the pain of having two bitches getting CK), so thanks to Leigh for being a good sport and showing Vita for me!
Groupfinals: Saluki - Ritzas Safiy al Din 4th in Group, Italian Greyhound - Aviendha 3rd in Group, Greyhound - Azravi's Smokey Night 2nd in Group, Whippet - Suna Regens Keylinns Maria 1st in Group and BIS-2!

Critic Esso: "Correct proportions, enough condition, enough angulation, correct tail, typical movement, excellent".

Critic Easy: "Good condition and proportions, feminine head, good top- & underline, strong back & loin, very well angulated, typical mover, excellent"

Critic Vita: "Happy junior, good condition, feminie head, good topline and condition, enough chest for age, well angulated, typical mover"

Cheerinova Alladin (Ch Biscotti Esclusivo x Keylee Afrodite)

Sunday August 2nd, Vita's 10 month day, the Sighthounds were judged by Gunnar Nymann, Denmark. He thought there were too many large IGs present, and handed out zero to anything measured >38cm, including Esso. He only gave out 2 CK, to Vita and Easy! Vita took Breed once more, putting her mother as BB-2.

Groupfinals: Saluki - Ritzas Safiy al Din 4th in Group, Whippet - Suna Regens Michas Oberon 3rd in Group, Afghan Hound - Kingsleah French Cancan 2nd in Group, Italian Greyhound - Aviendha 1st in Group!!!!!

Nothing in BIS, but this little elegant girl just turned 10 months old, so I'm more than satisfied with a Group Win, haha

Critic Esso: "3 years, large male. Nice model. Gorgeous head with good parallelity, correct nose and bite. Good ears, correct neck. Magnificent topline, a bit short tail. Excellent chest and underline. Normal angulation, good front. Good parallelity behind, sufficient length of stride and drive. Could be more stabile in front. Excellent coat. DQ because of size."

Critic Easy: "3 years, a bit large bitch. OK parallellity in head, excellent nose, correct bite, good ears. Very good neck, good topline. A bit short tail, nice underline. Well angulated. Could have slightly deeper chest, OK bones. A bit weak pastern. OK length of stride and drive, a bit loose in front. Excellent coat."

Critic Vita: "10 months. OK size, good model. Good parallelity in head, good nose, correct bite. Could have stronger underjaw. Good ears, correct neck. Excellent topline, good length of tail. Nice underline, well angulated. Could be more stabile in front. Good bones, nice feet, good coat. Parallell behind. Good length of stride and drive."

Yesterday, the whole family + dogs went for a hike (and rowboat) to a small island in a lake by our cabin - named the "Rabbit Island". The goal was to pick berries, but I spent more time behind the camera than picking ;) I'll post a separate post from the trip, maybe on Sunday, but tomorrow I'll be busy all day. A friend of mine from Svolvær, Camilla Irén, is getting married - I've never really attended a wedding before, but I assume it'll take all day and night ;) I even bought a dress and new shoes for the occation!