lørdag 11. juni 2011

NKK Int Drammen, June 4th 2011

Long time, no see! We've been really busy lately, and that is the reason for the lack of blogging. Its also been a slow spring for shows, so not a lot of news to publish. June will be a busy show month, with NKK Int Drammen and Norwegian IG Speciality last weekend, the Norwegian Sighthound Speciality this weekend, and Swedish Sighthound Speciality weekend next weekend!

NKK Int Drammen, 04.06.2011 (10+13) Judge: Rudi Brandt, Denmark

BM-1, CACIB, BOB, BIG-4 - Ch Eugenios Amenhotep
BM-2, CAC, R-CACIB - Ch Qvickelyckans Filiberto - New N Ch!
BM-3 - Ch Flying Spirit's Forever and Ever
BM-4, R-CAC - Dervisch Sky is the Limit

BB-1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - Dervisch Happy Go Lucky
BB-2, R-CACIB - Ch Eugenios Mrs Robinson
BB-3 - Ch Eugenios Posh Spice
BB-4 - Ch Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses

Esso - C.I.B. Nord NL Ch NV-08-09 AmsterdamW-10 Biscotti Esclusivo - EXC/unplaced Ch class
Maskulin, utm str. Bra hode og uttr, bra underkjeve. Korr bitt, typisk hjortehals. Flott overlinje i stående, velvinklet fram/bak. Dyp brystkasse, korr frontfylde, fin benstamme. For mye hvitt på ene frambein. Rør seg ganske bra, vist i flott kondisjon. // Masculine, exc size. Nice head & expression, good underjaw. Corr bite, typical neck. Nice topline standing, well angulated front/behind. Deep chest, corr filled out front, nice bones. Too much white on one front leg. Moves quite well, shown in great condition.

Easy - N Ch NV-10 Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses - EXC-3 Ch class, CK, BB-4
4,5 år. Vakker helhet, utm str. Fem hode og uttr, korr bitt. Korr øyne, fine ører. Utm hals og overlinje, rør seg vakkert. Prima pels og kondisjon. Bra temperament. // 4,5 years. Beautiful all over, excellent size. Feminine head & expression, corr bite. Corr eyes, fine ears. Exc neck and topline, moves beautifully. Excellent coat and condition, good temperament.

mandag 14. februar 2011

Curvy Limited Edition - 5 weeks old

Our little hippo is slowly starting to look more like an IG puppy :) She did very well on her 2nd week of stacking - her tail was wagging constantly! Just got to love her temperament!

"I'm hungry! Where's my food at?"

torsdag 3. februar 2011

Curvy Limited Edition - 4 weeks old

The little Hippo is now 4 weeks old, and it's time for her first stacked photos! She's such an easy puppy, she loves to be with the rest of my pack, but has no problems sleeping in her puppypen on her own. She's quiet (except for some playsounds now and then) and always so happy to greet us with a constantly wagging tail!

lørdag 29. januar 2011

Curvy Limited Edition - 3 weeks old - January 26th

And now the last photos - 3 weeks old on Wednesday

She's starting to (unsteadily) move around, and she's started to discover her voice <3 <3

fredag 28. januar 2011

Curvy Limited Edition - 2 weeks old - January 19th

Then at 2 weeks old:

No open eyes yet, they came 2 days later; but she'd already learned that the best place for an IG is under cover! I've seen her actively seeking under blankets when mommy's not around, so it's a very strong breed trait to appear at this early age!

Curvy Limited Edition - 1 week old - January 12th

I'm sorry for not posting these photos earlier, so here's a puppy-photo-frenzy :)

First 1 week photos:

torsdag 6. januar 2011

Introducing: Curvy Limited Edition!

Yesterday evening, Easy gave birth to a silvergrey little girl that was 174 grams. She's got a white chestmark and white toes. I'm very happy that I brought Easy with me to work yesterday, as she decided to go into labour at 16.30 - and the girl was born around 17.45. I did an Xray of her on Tuesday, so I knew there would only be one puppy, and I'm very happy she was normal size and that the birth went without any complications. Both Easy and the puppy are doing great, and Easy is an excellent mother!

Parents are: Am Nord Ch Alfheim's All Things Considered and N Ch NV-10 Dervisch Fiorella des Ombreuses